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With 25+ years in the business, there’s not much we don’t know about IT. When we started out, windows were for staring out of and macs kept the rain off. Since then, technology has revolutionised. So have we.


That’s why we’re all about flexibility. Just want to hire one laptop? No worries. Or do you need a whole IT network? Easy. With one of the most extensive IT inventories in Australia behind us, we’ll design a laptop rental package that suits you.


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  • Basic Notebook For Hire


    Hire this entry-level laptop, which is sleek and sturdy. All standard level notebooks are professional models with Dual-Core processors.

    Suited For: Small Events, Business Professionals, Travel, Workshops and Training.

  • Dell Precision M4600


    Designed from the ground up to be a breakthrough mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M4600 combines incredible performance with a durable yet lightweight 15.6” size for go anywhere productivity.

  • Performance Notebook For Hire


    Hire this notebook for most general requirements. These rental notebooks combine the latest technology at a competitive price.

    Suited For: Production Offices, Corporate Events, Programming, Workshops and Training.

  • Workstation Notebook For Hire


    A breakthrough mobile workstation, this notebook combines desktop performance with a lightweight 15-inch portable design. If your job requires you to design digital content, CAD models or other performance intensive applications, this notebook is suited for you.

    Suited For: Graphic Designers, Post-Production, 3D & 4D modeling, CAD, Visual Intensive Events and AV Equipment.

Lock-in Contracts? Minimum and Maximum Terms? Does not Compute…


You’re looking for laptop rental. But it’s not worth your soul and the shirt off your back. We get it.

We don’t have inflexible lock-in contracts and there are no limits on the length of your hire terms. So you can rent a laptop for the afternoon. Or keep hold of it all year. We’re easy.

And we can deliver your order to you the same day.

Individual systems and components can be upgraded on request and all laptops come with soft carrycase and optical mouse. Our IT wizards can even develop customised software images for you.

And we don’t just get you up and running – we keep you up and running. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff are always a phone call away, so you can rely on us for all the support you’d ever need.
Just tell us what you want. We’ll do the rest.

For Laptop Rental in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast, Call 1300 667 095


Laptop Hire FAQs


Q. Where can I rent a laptop?

A. Stay right where you are! We can ship your order to you via our same day delivery service.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a laptop?

A. Laptop hire rates vary based on the model, quantity, and duration of your hire. Call now to find out how affordable your laptop rental can be.

Q. Am I covered if the worst happens?

A. With a fleet of laptops in our inventory, a last-minute upgrade, addition or replacement to your laptop hire means you can keep working, no matter what happens.

Q. Can I rent a laptop for only a short-term?

A. Short answer? Yes! Rent for one day, one week, or whatever period suits you.

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