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Need Computer Hire with no Strings Attached? We’re IT.


Microhire has the stock and experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our computer hire inventory is amongst the largest in Australia. We have hundreds of rental computers in stock. We can even supply print management and networking services.

Need a single basic desktop PC? Or a complete office solution? Or some high-end technology to support high end graphics projects? Hire as much or as little IT equipment as you want.

We even have a wide range of software equipment for hire. So we have everything you need.

We’ll build a custom computer rental package that suits you. Because our huge inventory means we can. And because from 25+ years as industry leaders, we know the importance of flexibility.


Networking Services


As well as offering first-rate computer hire, Microhire can design and build a temporary network to spec. So we have you covered for exams, training sessions, conferences, conventions and more.


Lock-in Contracts? Minimum and Maximum Terms? Does not Compute…


When we say we’re flexible, we’re serious. That’s why we don’t deal with lock-in contracts. There are no minimum terms. And no maximum terms. So everything’s on your terms.

What you will get is expert local support. We can set up your entire office infrastructure. We can assist with support packages. Or even assist you with basic desktop queries. Whatever you need, we’re always just a phone call away.

And with same day delivery across our city locations, you can take delivery on your hire computer almost immediately.

So call us today to discuss a package that suits you.


For Computer Rental in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast, Call 1300 735 063


Computer Hire FAQs

Q. Where can I rent a computer from you?

A. From any of our many state offices. If you’re a little further away, we’ll get it to you.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a computer? 

A .Rates are based on the spec of the PC and the duration of the hire, but they are always very competitive.

Q. Am I covered if the worst happens?

A. That’s precisely why we’re in the computer hire business. Do you need an urgent upgrade? Urgent replacement? One call, and you get the support you need.

Q. Can I hire computers for only a short term?

A. Short term computer rental is no problem! With no contracts, you can hire for as little as a few hours. Need to keep it another day? That’s fine too. Whatever suits you.

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