Webcasting Services

Broadcast your next event live to anyone, anytime anywhere! 

Microhire provide event webcasting services for conferences, meetings and gatherings of all sizes.

Webcasting allows you to communicate communication of presentations, news or your events to a large audience in real time and can be available for viewing 24/7.

Not only will we host your site and brand your webcast page we can also provide important audience analytics and measure your audience’s response.

  • We capture everything as it happens (video, audio and slides) removing the need for lengthy and time consuming post-production.
  • Have your webcasts available online same-day.
  • Quality Rich Media Experience through automatic synchronization of audio, video and graphics, and native resolution images. No more blurry charts, spreadsheets or text.
  • Interactivity with Q&A, Polls, Custom link to webpages and reference material.
  • Mobile Playback Support for iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, Android and other mobile devices.
  • Content Accessibility by screen readers and closed captioning.
  • Enhanced Search search metadata, characters within slides and even speech-to-text audio.
  • Catalogue and Search all your presentations/webcasts in one place.
  • Secure your webcasts with registration pages and password protections.
  • Report extensively on your presentations and its viewers through included data analytics.

Live Webcasting:

Live webcasting can be mass viewed in ‘real time’ globally in fact from anywhere there is access to the internet and is compatible  with iPads and iPhones!

On-Demand Webcasting: 

Record your next event and provide the opportunity for it be viewed long after your event has finished.

Compatible with a huge range of playback devices;


Live Video/Audio + Sync Slides

Live streaming for 90 Minutes
Webskin Branding
Technician (4 hours)
Webstream Encoder
Single Camera & Operator
Video Editing
Publishing of on-demand webstream version
12 months hosting

On-demand Video/Audio + Sync Slides        

Live streaming for 90 Minutes
Webskin Branding
Technician (4 hours)
Webstream Encoder
Single Camera & Operator
Video Editing
Publishing of on-demand webstream version
12 months hosting

Analytic services available including: 

Analyse patterns in viewing frequency and behaviour.
Correlate these trends to learning outcomes, individual or group performance or overall program effectiveness.
Measure your return on investment.
Make informed decisions about your e-learning programs.
Plan effectively for future needs and system expansion
Track viewing activity for every presentation, user, presenter and servers, and then displays the data in interactive graphs, intensity maps or playback statistics.
Presentation analytics show which content is watched, when and by whom during any given time period.
Intensity maps indicate which presentation segments are watched most, and you can even drill down to viewing activity by individual users.
User analytics show a specific user’s (or group of users) viewership over any given time period, including presentations watched, viewing durations and viewing activity detail.
Presenter analytics show how many of a presenter’s (or group of presenters’) presentations are being watched and by whom, including total views, average viewing per presentation, most watched presentations and most frequent viewer.
Server analytics provide a history of your overall event or service, including peak connections and the desktop OS, media players and browsers used to watch presentations.

“Who’s Watching Now” dashboards give a real-time snapshot of presentation viewing.

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