Green Philosophy

At Microhire we are conscious of our corporate responsibility. As a point of difference to our competitors we have invested heavily in forestry and have over 80 hectares of mature forests to offset the AV power used on our clients’ events.

It is also a consideration in further developing our inventory. We now offer a large range of equipment which minimizes the impact on the environment and in some cases using this equipment will result in a 90% reduction in electricity use.

Not only is Microhire committed to sustainability in its events and our worlds environmental future, we have in place an employee incentive program to support both the environment and some of the victims of global warming and inequity, as described by our employee ‘Orphans for a greener future’ program.

Furthermore, we are continuously exploring and evaluating leading edge technology in an effort to offer our clients not only the latest technology available but products that are energy efficient and affordable.

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