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With one of Australia’s largest and most diverse inventories Microhire has demonstrated over 23 years a proven ability to provide benchmark event staging services for our clients across Australia. Established in 1983 Microhire has offices located in Melbourne, Sydney and on the Gold Coast. One of our key strengths is our ability to offer our clients one point of contact to organise all their event staging needs nationally.


Designing a concept for an event should be fun. Hey that’s why we’re in events! Whilst we like to have fun with our customers we also know that designing the concept is about exceeding our clients expectations. This we take very seriously! Luckily we have the right people for your event, years of experience in designing breath taking moments, great technical concepts, stunning lighting shows and fabulous styling designs.Lets us share our experience with you.

Customer Service

Microhire is a customer focused organisation and we are constantly looking at new ways to better service our customers. Our goal is to take the hassle out of organising your event staging needs by making it easy for you.
Our objective is not only to benchmark ourselves against our competitors but to set the industry standard for best practice in customer service. We value you!

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